Saturday, April 14, 2012


I got sad this morning thinking about TX. 

I realized this week that I left a job I love so that K can have a job here he loves.  That's pretty hard.  I had a really good job teaching art in TX and I miss it.  I had a whole school of kids that I knew for four years.  When I started they were Kinders and if I started my fifth year they would be in fourth grade.  I always thought I would stay until they graduated at fifth grade.  I knew most 800 of their names.  I was so proud to say I worked for DallasISD and constantly thought about my students and how I was going to teach them.  My new town does not have art in the public schools which drives me crazy.  K & I talked about moving here before we were serious about it and I said, "I wouldn't be able to teach.  That would stink."  Well here we are.

A lot of important things happened to me in TX.  2002-2011 I was really out on my own.  I got my Master's degree.  I realized I wanted to teach rather than work at a church.  I grew really pretty and big sunflowers and roses and zinnias.  I fell in love and got engaged.  I got my first real job.  I got my teaching certificate.  I bought a house.  I had a baby. 

Then we move back to my home town and people ask if I'm glad to be back.  Yes and no.  I didn't realize I would live in TX for so long and I would love it so much.  Now to answer this question:

What to do now? Start something brand new? Work at a school even if it's not art?  Stay home with A (which I enjoy) but really still miss teaching? 

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