Saturday, April 28, 2012

A is 20 Months Old!

 A you turned 20 months on April 21st!

 at the Botannical Gardens
 walking with Dad looking like a big boy
 sitting with G at Savy's party on your 20 month birthday!
 just look at all of that great hair
cheesing it up in the backseat

You know what a cow, sheep, cat and horse says.
You weigh 27 pounds.
You are taller than all of your friends at school.
You like wrestling with Daddy and reading books with Mama.
You love balls and can throw a mean one.
You are starting to like cars and trucks and make noises as you play with them.
You like to be chased.
We walked into MMO last week and your friend J said, "Austin!" and pointed for you to sit down next to her.
You go down for a nap really well and sleep all night long.
We love you, Buddy!

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