Friday, April 06, 2012

Small town stuff

This week I was overwhelmed with the fact there is not much to do here.

In Dallas I could drive north and go to IKEA or to a huge mall.

I could drive south and go to the zoo or botanical gardens or spend the day at their museums or go to Cowtown.

We've been here 9 months and we've pretty much done all there is to do here.  You drive north and there's farm land.  You drive south there's farm land.

So today A stayed in his pj's most of the day.  We dropped off 2 books at the library book drop then saw Lecee before nap time.  When K got home I picked up a Simple Simon's Calizone, we watched TX beat Chicago, and part of the Master's then took Welly and the A to the trail and walked all the way around.

The trail was fun to walk all the way around and I can say we've never done that before. :)

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