Friday, April 27, 2012

Time and new things

Thank you Jesus, A is playing in his room longer independently.
For Mother's Morning Out I have 2.5 hours 2 mornings a week and 2ish hours during nap

So I'm trying new things like:

TheBroccoliHut's Over night oats - I like that it's good for me.  Didn't really like the taste, but I ate it all.  Will have to experiment with different flavors.

IowaGirlEat's breakfast tacos - We had a couple today for lunch.  The inside was good, but the tortilla wasn't tasty.  I need some Mexican ladies to make some from scratch!

NatSprat's Felt Owl - It didn't come out as cute as this one, but I think Savy liked it.  You should've seen her eyes!  I need to learn to sew.

Noodle and Doodle's Granola Bars - Yeah these were so sweet I had to thow them away. All of the brown sugar and honey mixed with pnut butter. Whew!

In an effort to find different activities during the week A and I went to the indoor pool last week during his spring break.  Their pool is. not. heated.  We sat on the side to get our legs used to the temp.  Then A was splashing so much I decided we should just get in.  We splashed and watched others and then his lips started shivering so we got out and watched kids jump off the diving board.

Thank you Jesus, we went to Publix and A got into the car cart.  He was having fun. I got what I needed. We checked out. I put my groceries in the car and he did. not. want. to. get. out!  What? I go to the grocery store and usually he is complaining most of the time!  Thank you Jesus!

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