Monday, January 06, 2014

What a year.

2013 was a year that had deep valleys & happy mountain tops. I'm glad it's over & we are looking forward to a happy and more stressfree 2014.

We are praying by early summer 2014 we will be in a new house either renting again or buying one. A house hopefully built in the 90s or 2000s with indoor laundry. Geez. And an open layout where I can see my peoples from the kitchen.

Austin started prek3 today and we are praying he will thrive in his new class. We've learned he needs a small class size, consistency, & needs a challenge. I'm excited about helping him trace his letter of the day this afternoon. We've really looked at the foods he eats & have taken out a lot of sugar, we make sure he gets lots of exercise & less TV. He's tall & skinny like the Boozer men. He wears size 4t & 10 shoe.

Khloe's my little sweet baby always with me mostly calm & just perfect.. She's getting up to eat once a night. She's eating great & we love her chubby legs & cheeks. She is wearing 3 month clothes. She & I sat in the hallway in church yesterday because she was being noisy sneezing, tooting, cooing. She was our happy part of 2013. God answered my prayers for a happy healthy baby girl.

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