Tuesday, February 04, 2014

I need patience people.

I have a 3 month old & a 3 year old.

My three year old boy is ACTIVE and needs a nap everyday. If he doesn't nap it's very early to bed for him. Trying to get him to nap is a battle. He has a full size bed in his room - one that he can easily get out of and he does. I feel like I am in & out of his room getting him back in bed his whole entire nap time. If there is no nap there is no going anywhere unless its a drive around the circle in which I pray he falls asleep. We are trying a sticker chart. So far he's gotten a prize for eating his food at meal times. Who knew three was such a hard year. He will be 3.5 February 21 and we will be celebrating. We have made it this far with him and he's made it this far with us. Thats something to celebrate. I pray for him constantly. Here's to year 4. Be good to us please.

My 3 month old is an angel and if I could keep her this small and sweet I would. She's growing out of her 3month clothes. She has such cute chubby legs. She's so smiley & she loves it when I sing to her. She's just starting to laugh. She likes a paci & this week she has started rolling to her side.  She likes the music at church & falls asleep during the sermon. She goes with me everywhere & i have large muscles to prove it from her carseat. I pray for her a lot that she will be an obedient sweet little girl. So far she is & more.

Marriage. Who knew that would be hard, too.  I want to read this book, but who has time with everything? Maybe in a couple of years. Ha.

Lots of things on my plate, people.

Our rental house has been fine up until now. We have lots of things filling up this house & stuff still in storage. Thinking about a mobile baby & active preschooler in this house stresses me out a little. It would be nice to find an updated 3 bedroom 2 bath house. Who else has outdoor laundry? Geez Louise I will be glad to put my clothes in the dryer without going outside. Goodness if I drop some underwear in the carport.

These are first world problems, I know. Things are mostly good around here I just need some patience.

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