Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Deep breaths


Khloe has been sick with a cold starting Memorial Day Weekend & she's been cranky, coughing, & sneezing. She hasn't slept well the last few nights which means i haven't either. One of those sleepless nights Austin wakes up to wet sheets. I can change sheets pretty fast at 4am. Last night we slept better, but at 2am both Austin & Khloe were coughing. I gave them medicine & prayed everyone is quiet in 30 minutes or less.

I have been house hunting with my mom. It's down to a house that's nice on the inside, a fixer, or a townhouse.

Austin is asking me why 5 million times a day. This was from yesterday.

A: why do we have to wear clothes?
Me: we have to wear clothes to leave the house.
A: why?
Me: because clothes protect our skin - everybody wears clothes.
A: why?
Me: if we didn't have anything to protect our skin it would hurt. You don't like getting hurt.
A: why?
Me: ok austin please be quiet :)

Whew. Thankful to be their Mama & grateful God gives me the strength to do it everyday.

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